Corporate Wargame Courses

Pushing Boundaries (PiBi) Sdn Bhd is an experienced pioneer in the design and structuring of the specialised Malaysian ‘corporate war game’ approach in training for various organisations.

It creates powerful motivational courses and programmes specifically tailor-made for both goverment and private organisations. These are geared towards self-improvement and character-building aimed at achieving effective results.

Pibi is well-linked with strategic associates worldwide. Most of its courses are conducted at PiBi’s Corporate Wargame Centre in Jeram Besu, Pahang, and many other locations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Apart from providing management courses, PiBi also conducts adventure, ecotourism and river-sports programmes for foreign tourists as well as Malaysians in both government and private organisations.
  Module 1
  The Full 4 days / 3 nights Coporate Wargame Course
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  Module 2
  The 3 days / 3 nights Coporate Wargame Course
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  Module 3
  The 2 days / 2 nights Course
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